Our Donors

Our donors are individuals, church congregations and faith organizations, businesses, foundations and civic organizations. THANK YOU one and all!

Church congregations and faith organizations

provide housing and meals for families in the Interfaith Hospitality Network, hosting families for a week at a time at their church, or providing volunteers to be with the families, or, last year providing over $25,000 in funds to maintain our day center, vehicles and case management staff.  Without their support, Family Promise would not exist!  See the list of Participating Congregations by clicking here. Contact us to discuss adding your church to the list of participating congregations.  Read the Myth Busters to see how easy it can be.

Our signature fundraising event is TASTE OF HOPE

Taste of Hope is an annual fundraiser, usually in the fall, that provides critical operating funds for programming.  Together we can make a difference!


Our annual appeal letter

will mailed in December 2017. We are waiting for your generous response!  THANK YOU! This is an important part in our budget.

We have occasional fundraising events

such as  Cardboard Village events at which people sleep outside in a cardboard box in return for funds they raise.  Watch the event calendar on our Home page for more!  CONTACT US WITH NEW IDEAS!